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Your enterprise's HSM - and those who touch it - are truly the keepers of the keys to the kingdom. You probably trust the individuals who manage your HSM implicitly. After all, that's why they were chosen for such a sensitive job. But can you be sure that whatever happens, you'll be able to assure the management, board, and stockholders that this important responsibility was delegated strictly in accordance with best practices?

"Best practices" is a concept that exists to protect you and everyone in your organization. Let HSM-ID assure all your stakeholders that the identities of those with access to this very important key repository are who they say they are. Establish their identities to the very highest degree of reliability with an Identity Quality score of at least 45 on a scale of 0-54.

Your organization's most important digital assets are secured by cryptographic keys


Those cryptographic keys are secured in an HSM (hardware security module.


Shouldn't the identies of those who manage your HSMs be thoroughly checked as a matter of best practices?

Dedicated to the Pursuit of Authenticity

provides information and services to enterprises, governments, the military, developer communities and social networks that seek the assurance that the identities of those who manage cryptographic keys are established with a measurable, and high, degree of reliability.

The HSM-ID Team:
Jim Bruynell, President and CEO

Wes Kussmaul, CIO

Edward  C. H. Schmidt, COO

Dr. Peter Hadley, Director of Software Engineering

Joanna Lilly, Director of Enrollment Services

The HSM-ID team represents decades of experience in the field of secure online spaces and establishment of authenticity.

Jim Bruynell,  President and CEO
Prior to HSM-ID, Jim led sales and business development for Fischer International, an innovative Identity Management software vendor.   There he successfully carved out new territory for Fischer’s Identity-as-a Service (SaaS), while simultaneously establishing them as a legitimate traditional on-premise Identity Management vendor.   Jim was successful in persuading a host of MSSP’s (Managed Security Services Partners) to build an entirely new cloud-centric practice around Fischer’s new offerings.   He also established OEM partnerships, technology alliances, and consulting and services partners.  Jim sold both directly and through partners into a host of verticals and marquis enterprises, including examples like Georgia Tech, Petro Canada, and Quicken Loans.  Jim’s relentless efforts put Fischer on the map, a small company previously unknown yet competing against the world’s largest software vendors.   

Jim brings over twenty years of Direct/Enterprise, Channel sales, and Business Development leadership success in enterprise software and services.   After nearly ten years of continuous promotions at Lotus/IBM, Jim went on to successfully lead sales efforts at several smaller software firms, including Servicesoft, Habama, and Prospero.   He has been on the forefront of the paradigm shift to SaaS by leading the sales efforts of several hosted software solutions. 

Jim is a graduate of Purdue University. 

Wes Kussmaul, CIO
Wes was the founder in 1981 of Delphi, “The Company that Popularized the Internet,” which began as the world’s first computerized encyclopedia and grew through the ’80s as a social networking service.
Delphi was sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in 1993.
While CEO of Delphi, Mr. Kussmaul launched a spin-off company, Global Villages, Inc., to provide magazine publishers with the business planning, design, engineering, hosting, management, and promotion services that allowed them to offer online services to their subscribers and advertisers under their own name.
During that time Wes realized that the unboundedness of the Web posed obstacles to the kind of secure communities and reliable identities needed by publishers and other relying parties. In order to focus on the authenticity issue, Wes sold the hosting portion of Global Villages Inc. to NTT Verio. The continuing operation, of which Reliable Identities is a part, turned its attention to enrollment methods and digital identity certificate technologies that enable secure and reliable online spaces.
In 2002, while writing Quiet Enjoyment, a book about a world PKI based upon reliable identities, Wes was introduced to the leadership of the International Telecommunication Union’s World e-Trust Initiative, which was an attempt to actually implement the idea. Wes’s company became a charter signatory to the Initiative and a Sector Member of the ITU.
In 2007 the Secretary General of the ITU asked Wes to serve as a member of the High Level Experts Group in the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda. In 2008 Wes presented his QEI vision of an Internet PKI space with pervasive reliable identities to the United Nations World Summit on Information Society (WSIS).
Wes is an Individual Adherent of the International Union of Latin Notaries and has been appointed a Notary Ambassador by the National Notary Association. He received his BS in Physics from the University of Central Missouri in 1971 while stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base (SAC) and did graduate study in Business Administration at Boston University.

Peter Hadley, Director of Software Development
Dr. Hadley is responsible for development of many of the software components of the enrollment procedures of Reliable Identities. His previous experience includes developing a new email generating system and gift certificate customer acquisition application for Amazon.com, responsibility for all email systems at PlanetAll.com including automated generation and response, CTO at InfoDeal.com, and twenty-five years in consulting and university faculty positions.

Dr. Hadley received his Ph.D. and A.M. from Princeton University, M.S. from Northeastern University, and S.B. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Joanna Lilly, Director of Enrollment Services
A former Executive Director of the American Society of Notaries (ASN), Joanna brings extensive knowledge of notarial law, procedures and standards, to the management of our relationships with notaries, notary organizations, and government agencies around the world.

Ms. Lilly has served as Chief Editor of over 40 publications including American Notary, ASN’s quarterly magazine, and Notary Tipsheet, distributed to over 14,000 members. In the past six years, Ms. Lilly has written many noteworthy articles for the Society, including “The Unlawful Notary” in the Fourth Qtr. 1999 American Notary and was involved in the writing and editing of state-specific notary handbooks for Arizona, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas, and the Marriage Handbook for Florida, Maine, and South Carolina notaries.

Ms. Lilly has taught professional notary public courses in Florida for years, and collaborated on the creation of the Society’s classroom and online notary training programs for Florida and South Carolina, and on the 40-Hour ASN Instructor Certification Program. Her knowledge of proper notary procedures makes her a valuable and qualified Professional Notary Instructor.

Prior to her tenure with the Society, she worked for 3 years with Notary Public Underwriters (NPU), a large notary bond firm. There she marketed the company’s services and provided technical assistance, assisting and educating notary clients regarding proper notarial practice. Prior to NPU Ms. Lilly was with Capital City Bank.

Our History
Reliable Identities is a unit of The Village Group, Inc., a spinoff of Delphi Internet Services Corporation. Founded in 1981, Delphi earned its claim as “The Company That Popularized The Internet” by harnessing the popular curiosity that had grown around the early Internet during the time when its usage had been limited to researchers and academics. Delphi was the first to capitalize on the NSF’s lifting of the ban on commercial activity on the Net.

The Village Group had been launched as an independent spinoff of Delphi, and was not part of News Corporation acquisition. The company served magazine publishers and business clients by designing, building and managing their own private-label online services. During the next twelve years The Village Group provided business planning, design, engineering, hosting, management and promotion services for Digital Equipment Corporation, William F. Buckley’s National Review, BioTechniques, Hardcopy, International Business, Business Digest, and many other companies and magazines.

In 1998 The Village Group sold its hosting business to NTT Verio in order to focus its resources on meeting the need for reliable identities of participants in online spaces. Three years later the first component of the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure, the VIVOS™ Enrollment Workstation, was introduced. In 2002 The Village Group became a signatory to the International Telecommunication Union’s World e-Trust Initiative, whose goal is to bring the benefit of PKI-based authenticity to the online world.

Our Future
The world is coming to realize that it needs more than information highways. In the physical world, highways bring us to spaces called buildings where we can share information in ways that are private, secure, and manageable. Identity is the Foundation of Security™ and The Village Group is dedicated to providing our clients with the virtual equivalent of buildings, where bounded spaces for specific workgroups provide built-in security and manageability.

Reliable Identities is a Premier Partner in The Authenticity Alliance.




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